Barrel Shuttlecocks

Written by Geoff Hinder

Barrel Shuttlecocks

SLAZENGER ‘Regulation’ Barrel Shuttlecock  Circa 1907.
F. H. AYRES ‘Association’ Barrel Shuttlecock  Circa 1907.
‘Regulation’ Barrel Shuttlecock  Circa 1907.
A. & M. C. S. L. Straight Shuttlecock  Circa 1911.

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The National Badminton Museum has acquired three different extremely rare barrelled shuttlecocks circa 1907 for the National Collection. They all arrived in the same Slazenger tube, prior to this the Museum only had one barrelled shuttle in its collection.
They are called barrel because they closely resemble the shape of a barrel, the feathers are inserted into the cork with the flat side of the quill to the outside, the natural inward sweep of the feathers produces the curved barrel shape. The shuttles have stitching halfway up the quills and another one around the quills at the top of the cork base.
From the start of the All-England Badminton Championships in 1899 to 1909 they used Jaques ‘Association First Choice’ barrel shuttlecocks. These were manufactured in France and in the early days with no specifications laid down, they suffered from considerable variation in length of flight, size, weight and uniform strength.




Also in the Slazenger tube was an A. & M. C. S. L. straight shuttlecock  Circa 1911.
For more information on the history of the All-England Badminton Championships go to – History – Events –  ‘The History of the All-England Badminton Championships’ on this website.


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